Analytics for Retail Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

Is Self-Serve Business Intelligence Right for Retail?

Why Does My Retail Business Need Self-Serve Business Intelligence?

Today’s retail market is more diverse and complex than ever before. Brick and mortar stores compete for revenue against global and online retailers. Perhaps the greatest challenge is to sustain profit margins in a market where profit margins are traditionally small and shrinking rapidly.


Can Plug n’ Play Predictive Analytics Be Used in Hospitals?

Predictive Analytics Tools Can Help Hospitals Plan

How Can Predictive Analysis Tools Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization?

Hospitals and healthcare systems are turning to predictive analytics tools to plan and forecast and understand what, when and how to support patients.


Volusion eCommerce Services from a Volusion Experts!

Get eCommerce Development Services from Volusion Experts

Volusion Experts Can Help You Achieve Your Online Sales Goals!

If your business decides to launch or upgrade an eCommerce site or develop an sales app to attract and retain customers, it is important to choose the right solution so that all current requirements are met today and in the future. One of the most popular eCommerce solutions is Volusion eCommerce.


BI Reporting Tool in Self-Serve Environment!

Business Intelligence Dashboard Software For Your Business

Modern BI Solutions and Advanced Data Discovery for the Organization!

Today’s modern BI solutions include Advanced Data Discovery tools in a self-serve environment that is easy enough for all business users. Every enterprise needs BI tools that can be used out-of-the-box. To meet the needs of the enterprise, your business users will need key performance indicator analytics (KPI software), and BI reporting software that is mobile and suitable for use on a desktop, laptop or smart phone.


What is Smart Data Visualization and Can it Make Business Users Smarter?

What is Smart Data Visualization and Can it Make Business Users Smarter?

Smart Data Visualization can radically improve your business intelligence, data discovery and analytics. It can streamline the work process of business users, improve the accuracy of planning and forecasting and ensure better, more timely, more accurate business decisions.


Data Governance and Self-Serve Data Discovery Tools!

Can Self-Serve Advanced Analytics Support Data Governance?

Data Discovery Tools and Data Governance: A Dynamite Combination!

If your organization is planning to implement advanced analytics tools or to democratize the use of data discovery tools, your IT staff and senior management are probably concerned about losing control of data access and about data security. Data governance is a real concern and it should not be minimized but there is no reason to change course and decide against data democracy just to accommodate data governance.


Dot Net Developers for Simple and Complex Projects!

How Can My Business Best Utilize Microsoft .Net?

.Net with All the Right Services: Just the Right Combination!

Your in-house IT staff is probably quite familiar with Microsoft and with its .Net product. The Microsoft.Net application development framework supports Rapid Application Development (RAD), platform independence and network transparency.


Analytics for Construction is a Key Component of Success!

BI for Construction Can Truly Improve Your Business Results

Does My Company Need Business Intelligence for Construction?

Why would construction company need business intelligence? A more appropriate question is: why not? Constructions companies use a variety of software tools, from project management to computer aided design (CAD) systems, and while some of the solutions they utilize can provide reporting, there is really no good way to get business intelligence.


Advanced Analytics Software for All Users!

Augmented Analytics That Will Ensure Business User Adoption

Self-Serve Data Discovery Tools Must be Sophisticated Yet Easy to Use!

Self-Serve advanced analytics and data discovery software is an important competitive tool in today’s rapidly changing environment. Data resides in a lot of places within the organization and access to that data in an intuitive, integrated environment is important.


Explore SharePoint Portal Development Services

Expert Microsoft SharePoint Services Can Satisfy Many Needs

SharePoint Customization and SharePoint Experts: A Winning Combination!

Microsoft SharePoint is well known around the world as a Content Management System (CMS). It is used by many companies to manage documents, group collaborative efforts, and management of events, blogs, message boards, and other community and sharing sites.