Mr. Kishor Gojiya, CIMS Hospital

We are one of the leading multi specialty hospitals in Gujarat who provides world-class
treatment and healthcare services in India. Supervising all the functions in the hospital
encircling patient management and their statistics, specialty management, etc. from one place
was much needed for us as they were coming from various sources (PCS ERP, and other In-
house Portals). High degree of manual work for the report preparation and getting timely
updated reports was another challenge. With Smarten’s self-serve data preparation capability
and minimal training, the data from various sources (SQL server, Excel files) were extracted,
cleansed and transformed into ad-hoc analysis for our major areas like Clinical care, Inventory,
Purchase, Finance, etc. We were happy with the product and services and we have expanded
our user licenses to more divisions recently. We appreciate the work and support of team
Smarten and look forward to more BIG engagements in future!

How Can My Business Use Citizen Data Scientists?

Can I (or my team) Handle the Citizen Data Scientist Role?

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What is Embedded BI and Why Does Your Business Need it NOW?

Embedded BI and Augmented Analytics WILL Improve User Adoption, ROI and TCO!

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3 Things to Ask Prospective Custom ERP Software Application Development Partners!

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