Android Developers – Android based Raffle Draw Application

As Android Developers, Elegant MicroWeb designed a tablet based Android application of Raffle draw for one of the clients of UAE. The application is developed for an electronics retail chain in Dubai. After buying the product from any of the online client outlets, the customer registration for raffle draw is carried out using this app. After the verification of registered details in real time with ERP database, the valid ones are accepted for raffle draw. Consequently, the customer receives a confirmation mail or SMS about his registration and awarded coupons. Details >

Mobile Application Developer for Customisation with Apache Solr Search Engine

Mobile Application Developer, Elegant MicroWeb provided customisation and enhancement of a mobile application for a shopping deals store for one of its clients in Australia. The client is a leading provider of shopping deals. It desired a mobile application to allow users to choose deals according to the selected location and also track the location of user while he’s shopping. Details >

Android Development -Customer Loyalty App on Android framework

Android Development services are provided for developing a Customer Loyalty App for one of the clients in Spain. Information about various products and services offered by the commercial, business, hospitality and entertainment locations situated near the user's current location are displayed with the help of location map. Details >

Android Developers for Barcode driven Inventory Management Mobile App

An Android based Inventory Management Application is developed for a leading Barcode Reader manufacturer from the Netherlands by Android Developers at Elegant MicroWeb. The Inventory Management Application can be used by inventory control personnel to manage inventories across different locations such as warehouses, offices, shops and other places. Details >