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Hire Hybrid Mobile App Programmers and Build Your Software Team with Confidence!

Statista reports approximately 3.38 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2.22 million apps in the Apple App Store, and an estimated annual revenue of $935 billion dollars for the mobile app market. Certainly impressive statistics! If your organization wants to jump into the market with a consumer app or develop a mobile app for business users, one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to design for the Android or the Apple market, or to design for both.

Hire PHP Programmers and Build Your Software Team!

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Recent research of server-side programming languages reveals impressive popularity of PHP for both high and low-traffic sites, making PHP an excellent choice for your new site or app. If you are considering a PHP project, your business might wish to hire PHP programmers with expertise and skills in completing this type of project.

Mr. Ashwin Prajapati – Symphon

Smarten is an easy to use, affordable and powerful BI tool.

It is extremely robust and has helped our team eliminate data redundancy, which is common when using an excel spreadsheet.
It also helped us in collaborating the data from various sources into a single place, giving us interesting and useful insights which in turn helped in making decisions pertaining to increasing our service quality as well as sales.
We now have a single version of analytics for every one in the team.
It has also got N number of visualizations with easy data interactivity options.
With the features like NLP (Clickless Analytics) and Assistive predictive modelling, Smarten is a complete package tool for anyone looking for data analytics integration into their system.
It is also available as Mobile App so it is very easy to have dashboards and reports on the fingertips.

Plan for and Execute Digital Transformation and Succeed!

Digital Transformation Requires Planning, But You Can Start Small!

International Data Corporation (IDC) says, ‘89% of enterprises are planning to adopt or have already adopted a digital business strategy.’ The concept of Digital Transformation involves the adoption of digital technology to improve efficiency, value or innovation.