DotNet Developers for Cabin Air Filter Website with Responsive Web Design

DotNet Developers at Elegant MicroWeb provided services to a USA based client engaged in the business of cabin air filters. Details > development of Remote File Management App

DotNet developers at Elegant MicroWeb provided Microsoft.Net development services for developing a Remote File Management Application for one of the clients based in USA. Details >

Microsoft.Net Development – Integrated Custom Form Component on Insurance Services Portal

Microsoft.Net Development services are provided to integrate custom form component on the portal for insurance services for a client based in USA. Details >

Microsoft .Net Development of Online Brand Promotion Application

Microsoft .Net development services were provided to develop a Brand Promotion Application for a client based in USA. The Brand Promotion Application enrols various users as brand ambassadors of their products to promote their brands to the target audience and get pecuniary rewards on achieving goals. Details >

Microsoft.Net Development services for Web Performance Statistics Dashboard Application

Dot Net developers, Elegant MicroWeb has provided Microsoft.Net development services for the development of a Web Performance Statistics Dashboard. The application collects and analyses website statistics from various web sources that allows the user to view and compare online marketing performance of various websites. Details >

Application Migration and Product Development for UK based Consultation & Market Research Solutions Provider

UK based consultation, survey, market research solutions provider outsourced application migration and software product development services in India
This tool is developed by Microsoft.Net Development experts for an online Consultation, Survey, Market Research and Community Solutions provider in the UK. It is an online consultation publishing, management and analysis system for creating and managing online consultation process. The Online Consultation Publishing Solution facilitates users to create and manage complete consultation process with comprehensive analysis and reports, providing complete eConsultation experience to consulters, consultees and other stakeholders. Details >

Microsoft .Net Development - Software as a Service (SaaS) Migration of an Online Survey & Response Analysis Tool

Microsoft .Net Development consultants at Elegant MicroWeb have redesigned and restructured the Consultation Management System for a leading, UK based Internet Community, Consultation and eDemocracy solution provider using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to ensure maximum reusability of existing code and scalability required for the future. An integrated suite of consultation tools was derived that incorporated easy–to–use survey layouts and user friendly wizards, thus allowing user to create powerful, attractive surveys and questionnaires in minimum time.Details >

Dot Net Developers for Direct Marketing Lists E-Commerce Portal (B2B & B2C)

Dot Net Developers at Elegant MicroWeb have developed this web-based solution which enables the users to browse and search required lists from the site, view data cards and samples, and purchase off-the-shelf ready lists through online payment. Users can also generate inquiries and ask for custom list as per their own selection criteria. Besides, it provides the opportunity to promote and sell lists from various list owners and brokers. This Direct Marketing Lists E-Commerce Portal has total automation including electronic downloads, list management and online payment. Furthermore, for monitoring the latest happenings on the site, a comprehensive dashboard is provided with reports. Details >

Dot Net Developers for Real Estate Showcase Management Portal (B2B)

This Real Estate Showcase Management website was developed by Dot Net developers at Elegant MicroWeb to offer online registration and trading of real estate properties. A customer (buyers or sellers) can browse through different types of properties and their details and express their interest in a particular property. Details > Development Services for Arms & Ammunition Management Application Development

Microsoft.Net Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb developed Arms & Ammunition Management Application based on Microsoft.Net Development framework for one of the clients based in Singapore. The client desired to have a user friendly application that would manage the issues as well as return of various Arms and Ammunitions process. Details >
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