Citizen Data Scientists Benefit the Biz

Smarten Self Serve BI Creates Citizen Data Scientists
If you are interested in, or work in, technology, you are familiar with Gartner and its analysis and predictions for the world-wide technology landscape. One of the key predictions Gartner has made in the past few years is the advent and growth of data democracy and the increasing importance of Citizen Data Scientists.
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Data Democracy Encourages Social BI and Creates Citizen Data Scientists

ejbi-blog-aprilDemocracy is a great thing! The more involved people are, the more they understand, the better decisions they can make for themselves and for everyone else AND they can make a better contribution as well. Data Democratization works the same way. In years past, businesses thought that only senior management needed to understand the strategy and direction of the company but employees and team members lacked the knowledge to make the right decisions and become a great asset to the organization.
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White Paper: Citizen Data Scientists Engender Business Success

This white paper discusses the emergence and importance of Citizen Data Scientists and the role of self-serve data preparation, smart data visualization and plug n’ play predictive analysis in transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists. Organizations must integrate data from disparate sources, and provide sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that recommend report presentations and visualization formats and clearly identify trends to support precise analysis. ###Details >

Welcome, Citizen Data Scientists

Citizen Data Scientists I recently attended a business intelligence conference and I was reminded how important data democratization is for every company. One of the most important things to consider is how crucial it is to give your business users good, easy-to-use tools for smart visualization, plug n’ play predictive analysis and self-serve data preparation. It is one thing to SAY you want your business users empowered and accountable. It is another to expect them to use tools that are designed for IT or analysts or to leverage dashboards that are restrictive and frustrating.
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Achieve Data Democratization with the Right Self-Serve BI Tool

Data democracy
Data democratization does not involve the process of diversifying data so that there is something for everyone. It involves the democratization of meaningful ACCESS to data! If you don’t think your business users need data, you need to think about the tasks you assign these users every day. We live in an era of employee accountability and empowerment and most enterprises have already realized the need for access to data and the ways in which business users can leverage this data to fulfill their role, accomplish activities and sustain performance.
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