Predictive Analytics Use Case: Customer Churn Analysis!

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Customer Churn Analysis!
Every business understands the importance of acquiring and sustaining its customer base. In a competitive, global economy, even the smaller local businesses can lose customers to competitors on the other side of the world. The cost of acquiring a new customer includes marketing and advertising, resources and personnel, customer support, search engine optimization...

Elegant MicroWeb (Smarten SSDP Solution) Named as a Representative Vendors in Gartner April 2019 ‘Market Guide for Data Preparation Tools’

Elegant MicroWeb (Smarten SSDP Solution) Named as a Representative Vendors in Gartner April 2019 'Market Guide for Data Preparation Tools'
Elegant MicroWeb is included in the Gartner Market Guide for Data Preparation Tools, published on April 17, 2019. The Elegant MicroWeb (Smarten SSDP solution) is listed as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner...

Custom Software Development Services!

Custom App and Software Product Development!
An Expert Partner Can Help You Create a Custom App or Software Product! You have a great idea for a business application or maybe you are thinking of creating a software product to sell to consumers! Creative ideas are just the first step in a long and complex process that, if done correctly, can provide great success. BUT, if this process is not seamless,...

SME Business Intelligence Solution!

BI Tools for Small and Medium Sized Business!
Small and Medium Sized Businesses CAN Enjoy the Benefits of BI Tools! I recently attended a business intelligence conference and I spoke with a small business owner who attended the conference in hopes of finding out how to leverage business intelligence to sustain growth and address competition while juggling other responsibilities and managing a small business budget.
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Augmented Analytics is Key to User Adoption!

Advanced Analytics for Every Business User in Your Biz!
Augmented Analytics: The Advanced Analytics Solution to Ensure User Adoption! The concept of advanced analytics can seem out of reach for many businesses. Business execs and managers often picture a team of data scientists and IT staff busily analyzing data and, included in that picture, they imagine the bags full of cash required to fund that team...

Content Management System Consulting!

Content Management Solutions and Expert CMS Development Skills! Content Management solutions have been around a long time, and today, CMS solutions are more comprehensive and functional than ever before. Before you embark on a CMS framework selection, consider the cost, time and resources you will dedicate to choosing, building and implementing a solution...

KPI Dashboard Software Manages for Results!

A KPI Dashboard Will Show Users the Path Forward!
KPI Software Should be Part of Your Suite of BI Tools! There is no doubt that business intelligence and analytics should include key performance indicators (KPIs). Business intelligence tools must include KPI software and an intuitive KPI dashboard that is easy for business users to adopt and to use to monitor, manage and understand business metrics, actual vs....

Advanced Analytics Platform for Business Users!

Augmented Analytics Platforms Can Encourage Business Growth!
Advanced Analytics for Business Users is Key to Business Success! Most businesses are choosing advanced analytics for business users and there is a good reason for that! Even the largest businesses rarely have an unlimited budget for data scientists and the trend toward data democratization has revealed the value in enabling business users...

Services from an Expert eCommerce Development Company!

Cost Effective eCommerce Development Solutions!
eCommerce Development Services! These days, everyone seems to have a great idea for an online store. But, there is a lot of competition out there and the importance of great eCommerce app development and eCommerce website development is undeniable. It may seem easy to build eCommerce solutions but there is a lot to consider.
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