Advanced Analytics for Business Users? That’s Right!

Augmented Analytics is as Easy as 1-2-3!
Data Discovery and Data Exploration to Advance the Organization! Data discovery is not data management. If one is to make the right decisions in business, one must engage in data exploration and data profiling. In other words, one must gather, prepare and analyze data to truly understand how the business is working, what must change, what activities and tasks support the goals...

IT Staff Augmentation for Your Business Needs!

IT Staff Augmentation Services Make all the Difference!
IT Staff Augmentation Offers Temporary (or Long-Term) Help Now and Later! If you have been in business a long time, you might remember the popularity of the ‘temp’; a person who came in to add resources when you had a big project or to fill in for an employee on vacation. If you are unfamiliar with IT staff augmentation, you might think of it...

Self Service Business Intelligence For Your Team!

Enjoy the Benefits of Self Service BI!
Self Service Business Intelligence For Your Team! There are many benefits to self-service business intelligence and business analytics. Many (in fact most) enterprises are going to a self service BI environment that will increase the value of each team member by providing them with easy-to-use BI tools that they can leverage to make decisions, to understanding issues, to share data...

Software Product Development is a Piece of Cake!

hoose a Software Product Development Company
Software Product Development Can Be Seamless with Expert Assistance! The most common mistake a business makes when it contemplates creating a software product for the market is choosing a partner that has never created a product for market. Trust me when I say that software application development and software product development are NOT the same thing....

Self-Serve BI Tools with Elegant Data Governance!

Business Intelligence and Analytics with Data Governance!
BI Tools That Ensure Data Governance AND Business User Access! Your business is excited about the prospect of implementing a self-serve business intelligence solution! You have heard your colleagues talk about the benefits of data democratization, and you know your business users will take full advantage of BI reporting, social BI, and mobile...

What is Natural Language Processing & How Does it Benefit a Business? (Part 3 of 3 articles)

What is Natural Language Processing & How Does it Benefit a Business? (Part 3 of 3 articles)
Whether we know it or not, we use Natural Language Processing every day. It makes it easier for us to interact with computers and software and allows us to perform complex searches and tasks without the help of a programmer, developer or analyst.

Content Management Systems You Can Trust!

CMS Framework Selection is Easy with Expert Help!
Find Out How an Expert CMS Consulting Firm Can Help Your Business! Content Management Systems (CMS) are nothing new! CMS solutions have been around a long time and whether your business is making its first CMS framework selection, looking for web content management solutions, planning CMS integration with other solutions or data from other sources or migrating...

Business Users Can Enjoy Self-Serve Data Preparation!

Self-Serve Data Preparation for Business Users!
The Benefits of Self-Serve Data Prep for YOU and Business Users! I won’t lie to you! The benefits of augmented analytics that includes self-serve data preparation for business users…well, those benefits are truly impressive! So, let’s cut to the chase. With self-serve data preparation tools, you can: