Is Your Self Service BI Tool REALLY Self-Serve?

Don't Accept Anything Less Than True Self Service BI Tools!
Sometimes Self Service BI Software Isn't Really Self-Serve! Today's businesses and business users are more demanding than ever. No one has patience these days for tools, applications or products that offer no value or are frustrating or restrictive. So, when you hear the term 'self-serve business intelligence', you had better be sure you know...

Advanced Analytics Software for Every Team Member!

Are Augmented Analytics Tools Too Difficult for My Business Users?
Can Advanced Data Discovery Help Your Business Achieve Data Democratization? Terms like Advanced Data Discovery and Augmented Analytics can seem mysterious and daunting for the average organization. Managers, executives and IT staff may believe that business users cannot and will not adopt advanced analytics tools because these...

Software Product Development Services and App Development!

Software Application Development Experts Can Help You Succeed!
Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development and Other Expert Services! If your business is like most, you probably find that your IT staff is overwhelmed with maintenance and support activities and the endless stream of projects that inevitably arises from enterprise growth and change. When it is time to develop an application...

Business Intelligence for Travel: Enable Success!

Business Intelligence for Travel Should Offer Support for Every Business User
Analytics for Travel Businesses Can Provide a Competitive Advantage! The travel industry is very competitive! As the market and customer needs change, every business competing in the travel industry faces price wars, competitive promotional campaigns, travel safety and security issues, round the clock...

Smart Data Visualisation to Simplify Analytics!

Your Team Members Can Easily Use Smart Data Visualization
Is Smart Data Visualization and Visual Analytics Right for My Business Users? Smart Data Visualization is a crucial component of augmented data discovery. This critical feature enables sophisticated analysis with guided visualization tools that auto-recommend displays and data views based on data type, volume, dimensions, patterns and nature...

Can CMS Portal Development Support Business Communication?

CMS Consulting Can Help Your Organization Achieve its Goals
How Can CMS Development Services Improve Enterprise Productivity? There was a time when content management system consulting was limited to document management. As organizations faced data and document overload, they looked to CMS consulting experts to help them organize documents and make those documents available to users across the organization...

Analytics for Retail Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

Is Self-Serve Business Intelligence Right for Retail?
Why Does My Retail Business Need Self-Serve Business Intelligence? Today's retail market is more diverse and complex than ever before. Brick and mortar stores compete for revenue against global and online retailers. Perhaps the greatest challenge is to sustain profit margins in a market where profit margins are traditionally small and shrinking rapidly.
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Can Plug n’ Play Predictive Analytics Be Used in Hospitals?

Predictive Analytics Tools Can Help Hospitals Plan
How Can Predictive Analysis Tools Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization? Hospitals and healthcare systems are turning to predictive analytics tools to plan and forecast and understand what, when and how to support patients.
Some hospitals use...