SmartenApps Integrates Smarten Augmented Analytics With Shopify eCommerce for Data Analytics and Reporting

SmartenApps Integrates Smarten Augmented Analytics With Shopify eCommerce for Data Analytics and ReportingSmarten is pleased to announce SmartenApps, its newest addition to the Smarten augmented analytics suite of offerings. The Smarten: eCommerce Analytics for Shopify by Elegant MicroWeb is an augmented analytics and reporting solution integrated with Shopify eCommerce.

With Smarten eCommerce Analytics for Shopify, users gain insight into data in a unique and meaningful way. The app provides the value of analytics integration and fact-based decision-making. Users enjoy seamless login and registration. Within minutes, users will see eCommerce data in Smarten with prebuilt analytics templates. Users can choose from one of three flexible pricing plans (Silver, Gold and Platinum) to suit their needs.

CEO, Kartik Patel says, “Smarten eCommerce Analytics for Shopify provides value out-of-the-box with vital eCommerce dashboards and reports to manage your business health. It provides sales reports, sales trends and sales contribution, advanced key performance indicators and analytics to reveal Customer Lifetime value (LTV), Customer Cohorts, Customer Loyalty and Product Cross Sell.”

Accredited by Gartner and recognized for its intuitive, easy-to-use analytics, Smarten offers stunning visualization, dynamic charts and graphs and key performance indicators (KPIs) metrics to help one sustain a competitive edge.

SmartenApps features and integration are founded on the Smarten augmented analytics solution. This solution goes far beyond Visual Analytics tools that simply monitor data. The Smarten app reimagines analytics with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that dive deep into data, drill down and through data and allow users to interact with data to make data-driven decisions.

“Smarten: eCommerce Analytics for Shopify is the first of many integration offerings,” says Patel. “These offerings are designed to support popular enterprise applications and allow business users to retrieve and analyze data from their favorite applications to make decisions and to share and report on data across the enterprise.”

Smarten: eCommerce Analytics for Shopify is the first in a family of SmartenApps that will integrate with popular enterprise applications and provide Software as a Service (SaaS) ease of access and augmented analytics features and functionality to complement and enhance the data and functionality of enterprise applications and support analytical needs of organizations and business users around the world.

Businesses may explore the benefits of Smarten: eCommerce Analytics for Shopify, using a 14-day free trial subscription, after which a business can choose from affordable pricing plans. These plans provide access to tools to track profits and KPIs, access all reports, export data to CSV and drill through graphs and reports.

Contact the Smarten team for more information on Smarten augmented analytics integration for enterprise applications.

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Self-Service Data Prep: A Tool for All Business Users!

Can Self-Serve Data Prep Make My Business More Productive?Why Do I Need Self-Serve Data Preparation?

Why would your business need Self-Serve Data Preparation? Perhaps you have a team that includes IT professionals that can prepare data for analysis or maybe you have a business analyst or a data scientist to serve that need. But, there are plenty of good reasons to consider data preparation tools that are easy enough for every team member to use.

Exactly what is self-service data preparation? It’s simple, really. Self Service Data Preparation is a solution and tool that allows business users with average skills and no data science background to use Augmented Data Preparation. Users can gather data from disparate data sources and prepare that data using self-serve ETL (for data extraction, transformation and loading) to cleanse and reduce data and take other actions with guidance to walk them through each step so they end up with data that is pristine and ready for analysis. And by using an augmented analytics solution, they can easily complete the process and gain insight into data – all without the assistance of an IT pro or data scientist.

By following these simple steps, business users can gather, prepare and analyze data on their own and make decisions that are data-driven and fact-based. Your enterprise can improve user adoption of analytical tools, improve the quality and accuracy of decisions and optimize the time and resources of your expert IT and data science or business analyst team as well as the time and knowledge of your business users.

If you want to give your business users advanced analytics tools that are easy to use, Contact Us to see how Self-Serve Data Prep can simplify and streamline your analytics and business user workflow.

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Modern BI & Mobile BI for Business Users!

Modern BI and Data Literacy Go Hand in Hand!
Mobile BI and Personalized Dashboards: Important Components of Modern BI! If your team is using business intelligence (and it should be), you may be working with a more restrictive business solution that is not designed for a business user. If that is the case, you are missing an opportunity to cascade analytics throughout the organization and to optimize your resources and improve productivity. Self-Serve Business Intelligence solutions are designed with guidance and recommendations to guide a business user with average skills through the process of preparing and analyzing data and to encourage collaboration and data sharing across the enterprise. ###Details >

Machine Learning = Easy Predictive Analytics!

Leverage Machine Learning for Forecasts and Predictions!
Business Users Get Instant Help with Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics! Here’s some good news! If you want to predict or forecast results for your business, you don’t need to be a data scientist, a statistician, a business analyst, or a rocket scientist! Today, augmented analytics solutions provide all the help a business user will need to gather data, prepare it for analysis and then choose the right algorithm or analytical technique to analyze the data and get clear, easy-to-understand results. ###Details >

Consider Augmented Analytics to Jumpstart Your Dx Initiative!

Dx and Augmented Analytics: A Dynamic Combination!
Integrate Augmented Analytics as a Foundation for Digital Transformation! Digital Transformation (Dx) is achieved when an organization plans and exploits digital technologies, workflow and processes, and its core capabilities and skills with an enterprise culture that evolves and shifts to engender a digital business model that advances business. Any Dx plan must include a review and appropriate modification of businesses processes, business models, operations, team collaboration and customer relationships. ###Details >

Research Studies Reveal Shortcomings in Many Data Literacy Projects: Don’t Let This Happen to You!

Research Studies Reveal Shortcomings in Many Data Literacy Projects: Don’t Let This Happen to You!
Data Literacy is a hot topic in business today. As businesses struggle to remain competitive and to do more with less, every enterprise is looking for a way to optimize resources, and to get the most out of every team member. To do that, the business management team must leverage the knowledge and skills of each team member as those skills relate to their role and their responsibilities. Businesses must use team member knowledge gleaned from experience and education and merge that knowledge with data and analytics to make context-based, data-driven decisions.
###Details >

Manage and Analyze Data with Great DWH!

Data Management and Data Warehousing to Organize Business
Data Engineering and Data Warehousing: Mitigate Risk and Enable Analytics! As a business grows, it faces the challenge of managing, security and accessing its data in a meaningful way. Often, the concepts of data management, data engineering, data lakes, data warehouses and data mining are well behind business needs and, by the time the business team takes a hard look at the issues, the task of bringing it all together to enable data analysis and a comprehensive data strategy is a daunting one. ###Details >

What is Clickless Analysis and Why Should I Care?

Natural Language Processing Makes Search Analytics Easy!
What is Clickless Analysis and Why Should I Care? Whether you know it or not, you know Natural Language Processing (NLP) very well! You use it all the time to ask questions on Google Ask a simple question, get a list of responses that meet your needs. What did we ever do before natural language processing? How else might we use it to simplify our lives? ###Details >

Enjoy the Benefits of Augmented Analytics!

Consider the Advantages of Augmented Analytics for Your Team!
How Do I Pitch the Benefits of Augmented Analytics to Management and IT? If you are trying to convince your executive management or IT team of the benefits of augmented analytics, you really don’t have to look far for support. Augmented analytics benefits are numerous and, while some benefits are self-evident, many are more subtle and will be uniquely effective within you own enterprise. ###Details >

Citizen Data Scientists Need Not Be Data Scientist!

Citizen Data Scientists Need Not Be Data Scientist
Support Your Citizen Data Scientists with Augmented Analytics! If your business wants to take on a Citizen Data Scientist initiative, it must enable its culture to support augmented analytics within the enterprise at every skill level and provide support to transform business users into the Citizen Data Scientist role. Citizen Data Scientists will incorporate the use of augmented analytics and enjoy the features of an augmented analytics solution that will support users of every skill level with auto-suggestions and guidance to help them choose visualization techniques and appropriate analytical techniques and algorithms to complete their analysis, share information with other users and make fact-based decisions.
###Details >